Songs of the Week, 14~02~16

Welcome back to Songs of the Week!

First up, an apology. The date of this post compared against my stated intent for Songs of the Week given in the first post illustrates an incredible tardiness that I give my sincere apologies for. We all knew there would be challenges along the road, and tweaks needed to get us to a place of week-to-week playlists of what has caught my eye (ear). If you will give me just one more shot, I am confident we are moving on to bigger and better and more perfect things…

Quite an instrumental feel to the songs this week. Enjoy!

M. x


  1. I Am Chemistry ~ Yeasayer (Mute Artists, London)
  2. How to Save a Life (Vector of Eternity) ~ Mikael Seifu (Rvng Intl, Brooklyn)
  3. Woman to Woman ~ Moomin (Smallville, Hamburg)
  4. All Res ~ GoGo Penguin (Decca Records, Paris)
  5. Ruins ~ Portico Quartet (Real World Records, UK)
  6. Le port du masque est de rigeur ~ Essaie Pas (DFA, New York)
  7. Overcome ~ Laura Mvula and Nile Rodgers (Sony, London)
  8. Groundwork ~ Saul Williams (FADER Label, New York)
  9. The Greatest ~ KING (self-released, Los Angeles)
  10. Fuego Que Te Llama ~ Sidestepper (Real World Records, UK)

Soundcloud only:

  1. Ride of Your Life ~ TINASHE (RCA, New York)
  2. 24×33 ~ Betonkust & Palmbomen II (1080p, Vancouver)
  3. Spawn – Horsepowar and Keerat Kaur (self-released, Vancouver)
  4. MOVE ~ Ruby Francis (self-released, London)

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