Songs of the Week, 29~01~16

This is the first of a new series called “Songs of the Week”. It will be a weekly round-up of all of the songs that caught my attention this week. Nice and simple, huh?!

There will be mostly newly released records, and as independently sourced as possible—although I shan’t rule out throwing in some older stuff that I have stumbled across recently.


M. x


  1. l’esprit de l’escalier ~ Domenique Dumont (Anti Note, France)
  2. Gimmie Gimme ~ IGBO (self-released, New York)
  3. Flapping Wings – Cicada (flau, Taiwan)
  4. Gardenia ~ Iggy Pop & Josh Homme (Loma Vista, California)
  5. Sitting By The Radio ~ Adrian Younge (Linear Labs, Los Angeles)
  6. Psy – Jaisu (Astral Black, Glasgow)
  7. It Means I Love You ~ Jessy Lanza (Hyperdub, Ontario)
  8. Voodoo In My Blood ~ Massive Attack and Young Fathers (Virgin Records, Bristol)
  9. Not Above That ~ Dawn Richards (Local Action Records, New Orleans)

Sound cloud only:

  1. Confessions of a Postcarceral Feminist ~ Elysia Crampton and Kelela (self-released, La Paz)
  2. Are You Mad ~ RYAN Playground (Secret Songs, Montreal)
  3. Xscape ~ Darq E Freaker and Liv (Thrift World Order, London)

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